Review of Year 4 Autumn 1

In Year 4, we have been studying the Ancient Egyptians. As part of this we have looked at the process of mummification to prepare the dead for the afterlife. We had a go at this, using an excellent resource from Hertford museum. This included removing the internal organs, putting them in Canopic jars and wrapping the body. We had great fun!

As well as that, we have been exploring poetry.  We looked at The Bug Chant by Tony Mitton and learned parts of it to perform in assembly.  We also looked at various wind poems by Christina Rosetti and had a go at creating our own using the same style.  We combined what we have been learning about water colour paints to present our poems in lovely Autumn leaves.

In computing, the children have been learning how to present work using the features of Power Point. They used their computing skills to create posters all about desert wildlife as we have been exploring the amazing animals and plants that dare to survive in the hostile desert environment!