Review of the Autumn 2 term in Year 6

A very busy second half to the Autumn term for Year 6.

We finished our history topic – World War 2. We looked at how rationing was introduced and tried cooking using rationed items, our Carrot Cookies were actually really nice. We found out how the war ended and the celebrations of VE day. Our DT topic was linked to WW2 and the children planned and made some amazing models of Anderson shelters.

Lots of different PE sessions this half term: a very cold Basketball day with Premier Sports and an Archery competition at Ridgeway. We also started our gymnastics unit which we will hopefully continue next term.

Year 6 have been excellent Buddy leaders and have led lots of sessions with their younger group members. They have also spent time with the Reception children reading and playing together to help the younger children gain confidence.

We have had many very cold days in school and Year 6 enjoyed playing in the snow!