Year 6 – October Half Term 2020

In Geography, we have been looking at extreme earth. At the start of the topic we had fun making a plasticine model of the earth, with all the layers that would be found underneath. We managed to cut it open and some even worked, to show the clear layers! We also explored how volcanoes are formed, how they affect people’s lives and wrote a balanced argument about the pros and cons of living near to a volcano. We decided we’d prefer not to live too close! We explored the devastating effects of earthquakes and had fun acting out the procedure for an earthquake warning, having to dive under our tables, cover our heads and move away from the windows when the siren sounded.

Science this half term has been very practical. We have spent time investigating how light travels making use of mirrors to help to understand both reflection and refraction of light. We tried to make periscopes – some of these worked! Our second short topic has been electricity – we have created circuits using a variety of components including batteries / bulbs / motors and buzzers. We have managed to draw the circuits using the correct symbols and completed investigation as to what materials conduct electricity and how to make a bulb shine brighter etc.