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Early Years

At Panshanger Primary school we value the achievement of an individual child as well as the cohort. The EYFS assessment is based on consideration of their attainment and progress.

Attainment can be evaluated in relation to ‘typical development age bands’ as described in DfE Early Years Outcomes. This document supports ongoing assessment of pupils in the EYFS. The Early Years Outcomes document includes age-band descriptors for 0-11 months, 8-20 months, 16-26 months, 22-36 months, 30-50 months and 40-60+ months. (The descriptors are the same as listed under the unique child statements in Development Matters).

At Nursery level the children will typically be monitored within 30-50 months band and as they move into Reception they will be completing 40-60 development band.  During the Spring and Summer term Reception staff will begin to look for evidence to support the judgements for the Early Learning Goals.

At the end of the Reception Year summative judgements must be made using the statutory

EYFS Profile (EYFSP) showing whether the child is emerging, securing or exceeding the EYFS statements.  These outcomes are submitted to the Local Authority.