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Subject Leader: Mrs Kay (BA Joint Hons Spanish/ Italian)


The curriculum is based on the statutory guidelines for KS2, as outlined in the National Curriculum Framework, and is referenced to the learning objectives of the non-statutory KS2 Framework for Languages.

Learning a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for pupils, and prepares them to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly carried out in languages other than English.

At Panshanger we start our formal MFL teaching at KS2 with the primary aim of creating communicators who are able to break down language barriers to effectively function in the modern global society.

Other aims include:

  • fostering an interest in learning other languages
  • stimulating and encouraging children’s curiosity about language, in an enjoyable and engaging way
  • promoting intercultural understanding
  • laying the foundations for future study


In Key Stage 2, children have 1 hour of discrete language teaching per week and will learn to develop the four language skills of Oracy (speaking, listening) and Literacy (reading and writing). The main focus is on Oracy.

What do we learn in Spanish

The key skills outlined in the Language Progression Document will be achieved through a range of activities incorporating: role play, matching and sorting games, interactive stories and exercises, listening, reading and writing tasks and plenty of opportunities to communicate orally with peers, ask and answer questions, describe etc.

ICT is used in language lessons to motivate pupils, by providing examples of model pronunciation and offering the opportunity to practise new language skills interactively. The school strives to use community and other links to expose pupils to native speakers, whenever possible.

Useful weblinks include:

There is a wealth of web addresses at: 

BBC programmes such as Virtually there: Spain, BBC Bitesize


Estrellas de la semana – Stars of the Week

Each week Señora Kay chooses an “estrella de la semana”from each class. These stars of the week are celebrated with a certificate in assembly, they are pupils who have shown an high level of participation, effort and confidence in the Spanish lesson.