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Year 5

Staff: Mrs Littleford / Mrs Kay /  Mrs McLoughlin 

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Music with Mr Dan Mitchell on a Tuesday

Autumn 1


The children really enjoyed their DT unit exploring savoury crackers. This included a taste test of shop bought crackers, a class survey to inform our decisions on what type of cracker to make, baking our own versions culminating in a class competition (won by Harvey, The Star Baker!). We finished the topic by looking at packaging and creating our own.

Viking Models

As part of the children’s history homework, the children created super models of Viking Longboat or a Viking Longhouse. They worked so hard and the detail was amazing. The models made a great display and we also shared them in assembly.

National Poetry Day

The class performed a poem to Y1 and Y2 about Christine Crump eating crisps! The performance was lively and enjoyed by all. After this, back in class they wrote their own versions about munching muffins, sucking sweets and gobbling gummies.


We have been looking at how artists suggest motion in their work by using different styles and techniques. A focus artist was Keith Haring and his colourful lively ‘jelly baby’ figures. The children worked collaboratively over a few weeks to complete their group collages in his style. We also explored body art using large symmetrical arm movements to create large pieces of art. It was great fun and the outcomes were amazing!

Basketball House Competition

The children took part in a basketball coaching session followed by an intra-school tournament between the different houses in year 5. During the morning session, the children learnt the key vocabulary, the different passes, and the tactics of the game before playing mini matches in the afternoon. Congratulations to Blue House who won! Well done.


In RE we have been looking at Judaism. We learnt about Shabbat, which is the Jewish Sabbath and we acted out a Friday night ceremony which some Jews take part in to welcome in Shabbat.