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Panshanger Primary School was inspected in March 2023 by 2 Ofsted Inspectors.

We were very pleased with the outcomes of the inspection which we feel is a true reflection of the school, the full report can be found on the OFSTED website, some of the main findings are set out below.

Read the full Report at the DfE Web Site (link to external website)

Panshanger is a happy school. Pupils are polite . They are taught to value and respect each other .  Pupils feel safe and are kept safe. Pupils trust staff and know that they will listen if they have concerns. 
Pupils work hard and achieve well. They enjoy their learning. Parents describe the school as ‘wonderful, nurturing amazing and supportive’.
Pupils develop a good understanding of fairness and equality of opportunity . They learn to challenge stereotypes and that any occupation is open to them, regardless of their background or gender.  Pupils develop as well rounded individuals . They leave at the end of Year 6 as confident young people , ready for their next stage in education
The curriculum is well ordered so that pupils build on their previous learning Pupils’ respectful behaviour and their positive attitudes to school mean that
learning is enjoyable and uninterrupted .
There is a strong focus on the mental well being of pupils. Staff provide a wide range of pastoral support. Pupils are taught effective strategies to help them manage their emotions. They feel well looked after.

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