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Panshanger Primary School was inspected by a HMI inspector in November 2017. We were very pleased with the outcomes of the inspection which we feel is a true reflection of the school, the full report can be found on the OFSTED website, some of the main findings are set out below.

Read the full Report at the DfE Web Site (link to external website)

  • Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. They are courteous, respectful and kind towards their classmates and adults. As a consequence there is a harmonious learning environment throughout the school.
  • There is a focus on academic and pastoral success for each pupil.
  • Leaders at Panshanger have continued to provide the good quality of education identified in the previous inspection report.
  • Teaching across the school is strong.
  • There are highly effective processes for monitoring and supporting teaching, learning and assessment.
  • The pupils study a rich curriculum whereby their innate curiosity about the world is cultivated and extended.
  • Pupils are eager to learn and enthusiastic about the topics they study.
  • Pupils are articulate and confident …… they explained how protected and safe they felt at the school.
  • Pupils know what forms bullying can take. They explained that bullying is very rare and that if it does occur it is dealt with speedily and effectively

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