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Before School

Early Morning Club is run by school staff and costs £1.50 per child, per day.  Payment must be made through SchoolGateway.  The minimum payment is currently £15.00 per child.  Payment should be made in advance of using the club.  We ask parents to estimate how many sessions they think they will use during a term and credit their child’s account with this amount.  As an example, if you would have liked your child to attend every day in the first half of the autumn 2023 term (35 days) the amount to pay would have been 35 x £1.50 = £52.50.
Each term a new payment screen opens on SchoolGateway 
Any credit left on your child’s account at the end of each term is carried over to the next.
The club opens at 7.45 am.  Please do not drop your child / children off at school before this time and, for safety reasons, parents/carers are not permitted to drive into school at drop off.  Please park outside school and walk your child to the Early Morning Club door (located opposite the door to the school office).
During the session, children can play games of their choice / art and craft activities, etc., which are all provided by the school.  Please note that NO food is offered during the session.  Children should have their breakfast at home before attending the club.  They are, however, able to bring a healthy snack along to the club.
At the end of the session, children are taken to their classrooms for the start of their lessons.