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Aims & Vision

At Panshanger, we aim to work in partnership with parents and pupils. 

We aim to:

  • Create a happy, caring and stimulating learning environment in which children can enjoy, achieve and thrive.
  • Develop resilience and realise each child’s full potential by promoting healthy lifestyles and by providing a wide range of learning opportunities for academic, social, emotional, moral, spiritual, cultural, and physical development.
  • Raise self-esteem and confidence by helping each child to gain a sense of achievement and to take a pride in that achievement.
  • Develop self-discipline and mutual respect for all members of the school and the wider community and encourage a caring, thoughtful attitude towards others.
  • Foster a sense of responsibility for the environment and develop skills that the children will need in order to be active citizens and take their place in the wider world
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum appropriate to the children’s needs, and in accordance with Development Matters and the National Curriculum


Our vision is to create a school that is: 

  • A happy, thriving community where children have high levels of achievement, feel valued and respected and show value and respect for others
  • Fully staffed with highly trained and well-motivated teachers and support personnel
  • Well resourced across all areas of the curriculum 
  • In a good state of repair, providing a positive learning environment for all
  • Able to offer children a broad range of experiences both within and outside the curriculum
  • Forward looking and well placed to meet the changing demands made of schools.