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Subject Leader: Mrs Burt

At Panshanger Primary School we follow the National Curriculum Programmes of study for Geography. In Geography our aims are to:

  • Stimulate pupils’ interest in their surroundings and in the variety of human and physical environments on the earth’s surface;
  • Foster pupils’ sense of wonder at the beauty of the world surrounding them;
  • Help pupils develop an informed concern about the quality of the environment and the future of the human habitat;
  • Enhance pupils’ sense of responsibility for the care of the earth and its people and develop their commitment to promoting and living sustainable lifestyles;
  • Extend the pupils’ skills of critical enquiry and an ability to handle and interpret information, through asking and answering geographical questions and using computing to communicate with and explore a variety of people, places and environments across the world;
  • Help pupils explore values and attitudes about complex issues such as sustainability and sustainable development;
  • Enable pupils to study the above across a range of places, cultures and environments at a range of scales, from local to global;
  • Foster a sense of understanding about how we are interconnected and interdependent with other people and ecosystems around the world.

Units are designed to allow pupils to explore their local environment, the UK and the wider world. Topics are flexible and where possible, link to current local, national or world events.

Overview of learning themes:

Year 1 – Our Country, Beside the Seaside and Famous Explorers

Year 2 – Let’s go to China, Sensational Safari and Arctic Adventures

Year 3 – Weather around the World, Peru and Volcanoes

Year 4 – Deserts, Settlements and Spectacular Spain

Year 5 – Rivers and Coasts, Mapping Skills and Rainforests

Year 6 – Climate Change, Violent Earth and Mountains

Geography Policy