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Year 2

Staff: Mrs Waring / Mrs Jeffrey / Mrs Graves / Mr Jordan

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Music taught by Mr Mitchell (Tuesday)

Review of Summer 1

We had a great start to this half term by visiting Rye Meads Nature Reserve. We learnt a lot about birds and got to see some of them using binoculars which was quite tricky to get the hang of. We also went pond dipping and were amazed by all the creatures we found. One group even found a leech.

Our learning in Science continued with our plant topic. We have found out about the lifecycles of different plants and investigated questions about seeds. We went on a plant hunt around the school to see what types of plants grow in different areas. We compared the plants on the field with the plants near the garden.

Our DT project has been all about chairs. First, we investigated which shapes were the strongest. Then we looked at the features of chairs before designing a new chair for Baby Bear. Finally, we tested our creations to see if they were stable enough for Baby Bear to sit on.

In PE we have been playing team games. After learning the games, we have tried adapting them with our own ideas. We had great fun creating our own obstacle relay races. Some of our ideas were very tiring!

In Geography, we have been finding out what it is like to go on holiday in Kenya. We have found out about the weather, the places you can visit and which animals live in the national reserves. We enjoyed trying out the Masai jumping dance and making bead necklaces. We finished our topic by writing postcards about our Kenyan holiday.