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Year 2

Staff: Mrs Waring / Mrs Jeffrey / Mrs Graves

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Music taught by Mr Mitchell (Tuesday)

Autumn 2

In Art we have been looking at artists who use lines and spots in their artwork. We explored painting spots using different painting tools and have practised our drawings skills creating different types of patterns. We particularly liked looking through viewfinders at natural objects to try and draw the shapes and patterns we could see. We produced our own paintings of plants and added dots and lines to our paintings.

In Science we have been learning about keeping healthy. We have explored where foods come from (plants or animals) and which are healthy. We have also tried out different exercises to find out which ones get our hearts beating faster. We also learnt about the scientist Louis Pasteur who discovered how germs spread. We experimented with glitter germs to see how easy it is to spread germs by touch. We also found out how to wash our hands properly to get rid of them!

In gymnastics we have been working on performing balances on the floor and on the apparatus. We can hold our balance still before moving to another position.

We designed healthy snacks for Santa because he eats too many mince pies. We tasted different fruits and vegetables and decided which ones to use to make a funny face rice cake snack. The best part was tasting them!

We had lots of fun doing the Santa run and were very pleased with our medals.