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Year 4

Staff: Mrs Burt / Miss Gottlieb / Miss Maynard (on maternity leave) / Mrs Laggan

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Spanish with Mrs Kay (Wednesday) and music taught by Mr Mitchell (Tuesday)

Review of Summer 1

This half term, Year 4 were lucky enough to enjoy a fabulous day out at Woodhall Estate in Hertfordshire. This was a countryside classroom day, packing loads into the day! We enjoyed lots of outdoor activities which included learning about arable farming, seeing owls and falcons and learning about them, a tree identification activity in the woods, learning about conservation and ecology, a planting activity, making a bug house and learning about sheep. The children especially liked being able to stroke the sheep! We had lots of compliments about the behaviour of the children, including their willingness to join in and answer questions. There were a number of other schools there too and we were told we were the best school there by far!