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Year 4

Staff: Mrs Burt / Miss Gottlieb / Miss Maynard / Mrs Wicks Shaw

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Spanish with Mrs Kay (Wednesday) and music taught by Mr Mitchell (Tuesday)

Spring 1

This term Year four had the opportunity to visit St Alban’s Cathedral to enhance their learning in History.  They used dress up and role play to act out various scenarios, handled artefacts and even had a go at making butter and jam using Saxon methods! Everyone had lots of fun and the children were particularly impressed by the grandeur of the Cathedral itself.

Autumn 2

We have been incredibly busy in Year Four this term and we have had lots of fun!

In Science we have been learning all about sounds and how we hear them. We made string telephones and then explored how to make them work. We had to find out if they would work around a corner or through a closed door. We even tried crossing the strings to see if more than two people could be heard at once!

In Design we have been learning how to sew! We learned the running stitch, the back stitch and the blanket stitch. It was hard but we all stuck at it and did really well. We then chose our preferred stitch to sew the seam on an old t-shirt to turn it into a re-usable bag!

Autumn 1

The Ancient Egyptians used to mummify their dead. We had great fun having a go at this. We had to undress her and wash her. Then we had to cover her in Natron salt. We took out her internal organs were and put them in canopic jars. Then we wrapped her and included amulets for good luck.