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Year 3

Staff: Mrs Puddephatt / Miss Gottlieb / Mrs Harris / Miss Green / Mrs Wicks Shaw

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Spanish with Mrs Kay (Wednesday) and music taught by Mr Mitchell (Tuesday)  

Review of Summer 1

We have really packed a lot into this half term, both in and outside of the classroom!

In Science, we have been busy growing and investigating plants as you will have seen outside our classroom.  Our potatoes have done particularly well and our Coronation pots have finally turned red, white and blue!

For our DT sandwich project, we made our own bread which included making and kneading the dough and waiting patiently for it to rise.  Later on, we shaped our rolls and some of us choose to add poppy or sesame seeds.  We took our freshly baked rolls home and made our sandwich for homework.  Some children brought them for their packed lunch the next day!

We visited Welwyn Roman Baths and Mill Green Museum as part of our Romans local history topic.  We had a great time finding out how the Romans had a bath (without soap) and about other parts of Roman life.  We particularly enjoyed the Roman games and played them again in our classroom.  Lots of people got very competitive with Nine Men’s Morris!  Our art work has been linked to the Romans too!  We made mosaics, but ours were more in the style of the French artist, ‘Invader.’  He displays his work secretly in cities around the world, so without telling anyone, we displayed ours around the school!

We were lucky enough to go on a second trip this term to the Woodhall Estate for a Countryside Classroom day.  We enjoyed meeting the sheep, taking part in tree and animal trails, finding out about farming, planting beans and making bug hotels.  It was even sunny for our picnic lunch!

As well as our usual PE lessons, we took part in a Mini Warrior session on our school field!  This included lots of fitness activities, such as carrying barrels, dragging tyres and lifting chains.  We finished with a tug of war, led by team leaders Azeen and Jayden.  Jayden’s team were the winners but everyone had a great (and quite exhausting time!)