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Year 3

Staff: Mrs Puddephatt / Mrs Harris / Miss Green / Mrs Clarke

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Spanish with Mrs Kay (Wednesday) and music taught by Mr Mitchell (Tuesday)  

Spring 1

This half term, we have worked really hard on reading, writing and performing play scripts, including Alice in Wonderland, the Owl and the Pussycat and the Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon.   We also wrote our own limericks and it was quite a challenge to get the right number of syllables!

Science this term has been all about food, nutrition and our skeleton.  We have enjoyed making balanced pizzas for ourselves and some pine cone feeders for the birds.  We did some bird watching from our classroom window and saw blackbirds, blue tits, woodpigeons, magpies, song thrushes, starlings and robins.  We sent our results to the RSPB as part of the Big Schools’ Birdwatch.

Our ‘Little People, Big Dreams’ book this term was Harry Houdini.  We had a great morning finding out about his life and then trying out maths and paper puzzles.  Some people had practiced magic tricks at home and performed to the class. 

We had great fun on our speed stacking day which was run by Premier Sports.  We learnt the technique for ‘3-6-3’ and we definitely got faster throughout the day.  We worked with a partner first and then as a small relay team.

Well done everyone for working so hard again this half term!

Autumn 2

History this term has been all about the Roman Invasion of Britain.  We loved finding out about Boudicca, and the Roman army.  We made Roman shields and helmets in art and used these to role play Roman battle tactics! 

In science, we have explored forces and magnets.  One of our practical tasks was to explore which surface a toy car would travel the furthest on.  We also made compasses with magnets and a bowl of water and got them all to point north!

Our design and technology project was using pneumatics to make a moving monster.  We came up with some fantastic designs, some cute and some more scary!

We took part in the Santa Dash on a very cold afternoon.  This didn’t stop us running lots of laps around the school though!

One of the highlights of the term had to be our play, ‘Gnome Alone!’  The acting and singing was wonderful.  We were so proud of you all!