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At Panshanger Primary School we use Hertfordshire Catering Limited to supply and cook all of our meals. We use the pupil choice menu which changes twice yearly.

HCL is proud to say that not only are their menus fully compliant with the Government’s School Food Standards, but they deliver over and above these standards, by ensuring that the meals are freshly cooked using quality ingredients, which have been ethically sourced.

As from Tuesday 25th February 2020 meals need to be pre-ordered online at SchoolGrid.  Please order and pay for all meals before 9.00 a.m. on the day they are being taken. 

You will be able to pre-order your child’s meals for the whole term if you wish. 

The charge for a school meal is £2.50 per day, i.e. £12.50 per week.

Please see the next half terms charges below :-

£15.00 – for Friday Fun Lunches

£75.00 – meals taken everyday (30 days)

£45.00 – 3 meals per week

£30.00 – 2 days per week

A copy of the Autumn/Spring HCL Menu for 2020 is below :-