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Student Councils

School Council

The School Council is the student voice of Panshanger School. There are class representatives from the older classes. The younger children have a say in the democratic running of the school through their teacher.

The Class Reps also pass on suggestions and concerns from the children in their classes.

Meetings are held approximately once a month and the children discuss and organise many things such as ways of fundraising and charitable events that the children want to support.

Run with the help of Mrs Reed

2020 – 21

Year 2 – Lucy and Logan

Year 3 –  Ayda and Bertie 

Year 4 –  Maya and Zach

Year 5 – Arielle and Cameron    

Year 6 –   Eva and Alex

Eco Council

We have an Eco-Council. There are two class reps in each of the Key Stage 2 class.

Eco Council help to promote special weeks such as ‘The Big Pedal’ when everyone is encouraged to cycle or scoot to school, and ‘Walk to School Weeks’ in support of developing healthy life styles and reducing pollution caused by car emissions.

Run with the help of Mrs Waring 

2020 – 21

Year 3 – Seren and Jack

Year 4 – Olivia and Tyrone

Year 5 –  Grace and Amir

Year 6 –  Niamh and Rhys

Sports Council

Sports council is where the older children meet approximately once a month. They consider the PE and sport offered during curriculum time and our after school provision. The children are asked to write short reports relating to any sporting events they have attended e.g. tournaments / matches etc.

Run with the help of Mrs Claridge

2020 – 21

Year 3 – Anya and Leo

Year 4 – Katie and Taylor

Year 5 – Ava and Aarun

Year 6 – Isabella and Harry

Arts Council

Arts council is the latest addition to our democracy in school.  The children discuss all aspects of the Arts including: dance / drama / art / music

Run with the help of Mrs Boylan

2020 – 21

Year 3 – Alifiyah and Jamie

Year 4 – Eve and Mason

Year 5 – Kinolee and Eddie

Year 6 – Olivia and George