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Who we are



Type of Gov.  Present term of office

Liz Davidson (Chair) 

Co-opted March 2019

Shaun Ives (Vice Chair) 


Dec. 2019

Sarah Holt Headteacher  
Aaron Rodway Parent June 2021
Rod Reeves Co-opted March 2019
Chandra Ghosh Co-opted March 2019
Anne Leverton Co-opted Sept. 2019
Amanda Reed Co-opted Sept. 2020
Keith Handley Parent October 2019
Tina Mjekiqi Co-opted Sept. 2021
Jodie White Clerk  

The Governing Body is split into 2 sub committees each with a different focus.

The Effectiveness Committee focuses primarily on aspects of the school  relating to: teaching and learning and curriculum design through monitoring the yearly School Improvement Plan.

The Resources Committee focuses primarily on:  staff, buildings and finance.

The committees review policy documents, undertake school visits and complete a variety of monitoring  activities.